Proudly Ugandan, Jolems Investment Limited is company limited by shares. Centrally Jolems Investment Limited was established to acquire, manage office, trading stations, factories, shops and depots among which include production of plastics and food products

Jolems manufactures Plastic Products: Adult and Junior toothbrush Food Products: Gluten free and Biscuits and Cookies, Fruit Chips, drinking and cooking powder, roasted coffee, coated snacks and caramel popcorn.

Jolems Biscuits are gluten free, locally made from local food flour like cassava flour, yam flour and sweet potatoes. This helps to improve your health by controlling things like celiac diseases, dermatitis herpetiformis (DH), reduce gluten sensitivity, they are rich in fibre, and also maintain freshness

Jolems toothbrushes are soft with flexible bristles. These are  more gentle on your gums, they help prevent receding gums and the exposure of tooth roots, they have flexible bristles to curve around tooth and gums, they help preserve tooth enamel

Jolems Products are manufactured for every age. That is young, youth, and adults. Even those with diabetes can enjoy Jolems Products since they are gluten free

You can visit our head offices located at Ambitious Headquarters, Plot 1 Sembule Close, Sembule Zone Nalukolongo Parish, Kampala District or call us on +256-200-908-190 or visit our distribution points in various supermarkets 

Visit Jolems office for more information