Jolems Adult Toothbrush

UGX 2,000

  • Soft bristles; helps remove plaque in hard-to-reach areas and polishes away surface stain
  • smaller head and is therefore able to clean each tooth individually and also clean-up to the hard-to-clean places in the mouth. It is also easy to brush behind the back of your teeth.
  • It’ll give you more control, and allow you to brush hard-to-reach areas, like the back of your molars, where a larger toothbrush head may not fit
  • Gentle on enamel and gums; cleans along the gum line
  • Color combinations may vary
  • Jolems toothbrush is manufactured by Jolems Investments Limited Uganda.
  • We believe in the quality of the products we make. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund. Contact us at +256200908190


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