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Ginger gluten-free Biscuits

Jolems biscuits are delicious, gluten-free biscuits made with natural ingredients and natural preservatives.

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Digestive gluten-free biscuits

Digestive is a traditionally British invention. Jolems gluten free digestive are delicious gluten free and wheat free foods.

jolems gluten-free digestive biscuits
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Glucose flovered biscuits

 These biscuits are baked to perfection for an all-round delicate crunchy bite, and are deliciously coated with a mild vanilla flavor,

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gluten-free biscuits 

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Jolems Investments Limited, a manufacturing company for oral and food products in Uganda, to provide Products that bring comfort, Jolems ginger gluten- free, digestive gluten-free and wheat free foods. It is this dedication that has made us serve a wide range of clients and industries in Uganda.

Our wide range of bountiful products have become household favorites – especially our breakfast biscuits.

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jolems biscuits

Jolems biscuits are delicious, gluten-free biscuits made with natural ingredients and natural preservatives. The irresistible taste is certified by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards. 

we offer many varieties of our addictive biscuits, including ginger biscuits, digestive glucose biscuits and more.

 make every day more of a treat!

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jolems toothbrush


  • Soft bristles; helps remove plaque in hard-to-reach areas and polishes away surface stain
  • Very affordable, our toothbrushes are affordable at low prices
  • smaller head and is therefore able to clean each tooth individually and also clean-up to the hard-to-clean places in the mouth. It is also easy to brush behind the back of your teeth.
  • It’ll give you more control, and allow you to brush hard-to-reach areas, like the back of your molars, where a larger toothbrush head may not fit
  • Gentle on enamel and gums; cleans along the gum line
  • Color combinations may vary.

 make every day more of a treat!

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